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“We listen to our clients and deliver awesome DJ entertainment every time. With our massive online library of music, enabling us to specialise in any mix of music and our expertise in state of the art sound and lighting”

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We listen to our clients and deliver awesome DJ entertainment every time. With our massive online library of music, enabling us to specialise in any mix of music and our expertise in state of the art sound and lighting.

Welcome to Pie in the Sky DJ Hire in Cape Town for cool DJ hire. Tap into our network of DJs who will add a touch of glamour to your party or event. Our talented team of DJs for hire will create a customised sound guaranteed to have your guests dancing through the night. Pie in the Sky is perfect for clients looking for that something extra when booking a DJ hire Cape Town service.

Quite simply, Pie in the Sky DJ Hire takes care of the detail – from the behind the scenes logistics to the energy and excitement of the evening; leaving you to focus on the fun with your friends and family. Pie in the Sky DJ Team, consistently deliver first class DJ entertainment.

At Pie in the Sky DJ hire, we are confident of delivering the right DJ service for you. Great parties don’t just happen. They are created, with care and attention to detail.

Interested in our prices? Have a look at our packages below.

Dj hire by Pie in the Sky Multimedia INCLUDES

Setup & breakdown of the DJ equipment to the venue within a 50km radius from our base **anything further will be charged at a R4.00 per km.
A friendly operator to assist throughout the entire duration of the package.

Interested in our prices? Have a look at our packages

Now offering Guitar Lessons!

We offer a range of guitar lessons tailored for each student. From shredding guitar solo’s from Hendrix and Clapton to playing along with your favorite pop song. All ages welcome!

Lessons are 45 minutes each in the comfort of your own home. We have a basic syllabus that we give to beginner guitarists to follow and learn from teaching everything from basic terminology to building chords and scales as well as songs that you can play with those chords and scales.

You will need your own guitar to practice with at home, but if you are still sussing things out, we have a range of guitars for you to use for the lesson.

Contact us today to find out more! We look forward to taking this journey with you!

How we do it

Our DJ

Justin Sletcher

Justin is a studied musician, specializing in electric guitar & music performance. In 2013 he received his internationally recognized ACM qualification in contemporary music. He brings his musical knowledge into his DJ sets, mixing songs in the same BPM range or Key., He believes each event crowd is different from the next. He delivers a personalized DJ service by combining his vast knowledge of music and equipment with a keen sense of ambiance and occasion. Justin sets the standard when it comes to the Pie in the Sky DJ team.

More info on the other valued members of the Pie in the Sky DJ Team coming soon.


We understand and value that we play YOUR event, therefore we only play the songs that you want. Instead of asking you to submit a lengthy playlist, we have created an online library of music for your perusal. We have included the most popular songs across all major genres and allow you to choose which ones you like. All you need to do is highlight your favourites, cross out songs you dislike and add songs that aren’t on the list yet. This provides you with access to songs that may not have crossed your mind and ensures that we don’t play anything you don’t want.

In addition, we bring our own wifi to the event so we can provide music as requested, either by yourself or your guests, on the night.


We deliver a range of sound packages starting with Small setups for background music and speeches, Medium setups for events of up to 150 people and Large setups for big music events or festivals. We fully customize our sound setup to suit each event.

Lighting & Effects

We include the following 3 lights for all functions:

1. Swarm - This is the ultimate light for a wedding. It takes the idea of a disco ball and enhances it. By adding colours, static movements and various speed settings, we can       create anything from a romantic mood to an all out party!

2. Derby x - A light that shoots static beams across the dance floor and runs in sync with the Swarm (mentioned above) to solidify the vibe on the dance floor.

3. Slimpar 64 - This is a simple static light that changes colours. It is used to add to the mood, making the colours more defined. It is also very effective in creating a strobe effect. Its slim build looks more elegant than the older parcans, but remains just as effective.

Smoke - Smoke brings all the lights to life, creating a 3 dimensional effect. This is a crowd favourite

We have a range of extra lights and effects available for hire if you’re looking to add that extra touch to your dance floor or venue:

Custom Gobo - The Custom Gobo light enables you to create your own design which is laser cut and displayed on a surface in your venue. This is great for logos or couples' names at weddings. The light can have a set colour and rotation.

Lasers - We have everything from a basic laser for small parties to full on laser shows as seen at music festivals.

Gobo - We use the intimidater Gobo lights which can move around at various speeds with different shapes and patterns. We can create anything from a water look on your dance floor to strobing patterns moving in all directions.

Parcans - These lights can be placed around your venue to add colour, really creating a warm or romantic feel. They can also be used to illuminate a display like a wedding cake or gifts table. When the party is in full swing, we can control these mood lights to sync with dance floor lights, creating an absolutely unforgettable experience as the whole room changes colour to the beat of the music.

Bubble Machine - We have a large bubble machine that can create anything from whimsical wonderland on your dance floor to an extra effect when throwing confetti.


Our stages come in a 2mx1m rectangle. They can be elevated 300mm, 600mm or 900mm from the ground. Combining these rectangles can create a variety of stages including fashion show ramps, conference speaker risers, drum risers or full band stage. 

You have the option of a black or white stage including skirting around the perimeter to polish off the look.



If you are looking to show a video or slideshow to a large audience, you will need something to display it on.

TV Screens - You can hire one or two of our 50” TV’s. These will come mounted on a truss that will be illuminated, looking elegant for any occasion.

Data Projectors - For a larger audience, data projectors are perfect. Chose from any size screen up to 4x4 meters. These projectors will also be mounted on a truss.


Dance Floors

We offer a range of different dance floors. From wooden finishes to black, white or both. For weddings, we like to use the white dance floor as it creates an elegant look and reacts well to the lights.

Our dance floors can go outside or inside. When we set up outside, we include a wooden or rubber base to make sure it never comes apart while the party is going.


Guitar & DJ Combo

If you want to enjoy the thrill of a live performance but want the flexibility of a DJ this package is for you.

Our musicians have created a set that combines all the popular hits from the 60’s to the most current songs on the radio and taken out all guitar parts. Not only enjoy the performance of classic songs like “Don’t Stop Believing”, “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and “Summer of ’69” but also newer songs like “Cake by the Ocean”, “Sax” and “Uptown Funk”.

Some songs are led on a bass guitar, which adds another dynamic to the performance. Songs like “Another one bites the dust and “Can’t Feel My Face”.

Happy CUstomers

  • Hi Justin =) Just wanted to say thank you again for Friday. Your professionalism and work ethic was nothing short of great. All the best for the festive season! Hope to collaborate again soon.
    Cornelia and John
  • Hi Justin! Thanks sooooo much for an awesome night last night. I think it was one great party and I cannot tell you how many compliments to the DJ we got from our guests last night and this morning. The energy was great! You have really exceeded our wildest imagination! We will most definitely be giving loads of recommendations and hopefully some business your way.
    Kay-leigh and Leon
  • Thank you so much the incredible service you provided for us at our wedding!!!! Our wedding was exactly as we had imagined and we are very grateful to you for assisting us in our perfect day. Thank you for all your hard work behind the scene to get the sound and music all up and running smoothly for us
  • I got married in May 2015 and I had the best wedding DJ one could ask for. I've been to many weddings and none have had the atmosphere on the dance floor that mine had, all thanks to Justin! As a musician myself, I appreciate good sound equipment and the ability to blend two songs, and Justin did a fantastic job!
  • Justin is a colleague of mine who I have worked with many times. Being able to co-ordinate weddings with Justin on my team has been such a pleasure that I asked him to be my wedding DJ when I got married in May this year. He exceeded my expectations and was extremely professional. Our dancefloor was packed and everyone was disappointed when we had to stop the music because they were having such a great time, thanks to Justin and his impeccable music choices.
  • Hi Justin Just really want to take time to say thank you so much for everything on our special day, you were amazing, I couldn't have asked for better! Without you our day would have not been so perfect. I will send you photo's once we have them. Again just a huge thank you from our side.

    Jean & Monique
  • Hi Justin, I hope that you have a wonderful, happy and prosperous 2015. Please accept the thanks of myself and my family for the sterling work you did at the wedding of Kim and Aidan Norton in December. From the start of the process, you were professional, reliable and competent and it was one detail of the wedding (that was planned and executed from Johannesburg) that I never had to worry about. The atmosphere in the reception was superb, the sound quality perfect and the effects through the lighting and smoke machine added plenty of atmosphere. In particular, I commend you for coping with some unexpected ‘glitches,’ such as the power outage (load shedding) right at the start of the reception and the assistance you gave the band when they had trouble sourcing power during the afternoon. With a million other things to think about, you were a real pillar of strength in the background. Regards and all the best for the future.
    Ian Laxton
  • Dear Justin Many many thanks for the fantastic contribution you made to making my daughters 13th birthday party a huge success. Toni only had rave reviews about the hip and happening music and lighting. I would also like to thank you for humouring us with all her teenage music requests and playing all the songs she wanted. The start of the party was a complete disaster with us only getting access to the venue after the guests arrived. I commend you on keeping calm and the patience you showed setting up under extreme pressure with 150 pairs of teenage eyes glaring at you. Under the circumstances most people would have headed for the hills. I most certainly will recommend you with complete confidence to anyone who is looking for a top drawer DJ and an utter gentleman. Thanks again, you are a star!
  • Hi Justin, I just wanted to say thank you for the awesome performance at our wedding last month. There are plenty of things to worry about on the day, but after talking with the ATIC team on the morning of our wedding, we are pleased to say that the music was not one of them. The team was very professional. They arrived early, set up the equipment quickly, and put my mind at ease. The DJ was exceptional and seemed to know exactly what the crowd wanted to hear! All in all, we are very happy with your service and we will definitely be recommending you to our friends and family! Regards