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Our Photogarphy Studio Hire space is about 60m2 with a 4×3 white infinity curve
Wi-Fi hotspot available
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Safe Parking (24h security)
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Newborn Photography

Newborn photography is a niche segment of the market that has become increasingly popular over the last few years. It is one of the most important photo experiences for new parents. It serves as a reminder of how tiny and fragile your baby was at birth and how thankful you were to finally meet him or her. It makes for an invaluable token for family members and photo albums and also serves as a special keepsake for your children and their children over the years to come.

That is why it is so important to choose a photographer that takes joyous, timeless pictures. A photographer that knows exactly the emotions new parents go through, having had the experience themselves. Someone with a fresh, happy approach that will make you feel welcome and comfortable. Someone who understands how to handle a fragile newborn baby.

About the Photographer

Almie is an old soul. She loves sunshine and walking barefoot. She is passionate about nature and loves being outdoors. She loves water. She is strong. She wears vintage dresses and jewellery. She listens to old rock and roll and likes vintage cars. She drinks beer in summer and red wine in winter. She loves the colour yellow. She makes little flowery dresses for her daughter in her spare time. She is kind. She wears her long blonde hair tied loosely down her back. She loves flowers. Her favourite are daisies, but she doesn’t want them in a vase, she prefers them growing in the field. Wild and free. She is a great friend and a committed wife and mom. She adores her two busy toddlers. She is one of a kind. A rare find.

Almie is a photographer, specializing in newborn shoots. She brings her attention to detail, unique perspective and zest for life into each and every encounter. She loves the creative process and believes that babies and their parents should feel comfortable and at ease throughout their experience. To her, each baby she gets to capture through her lens is an immense privilege.